Ask Semalt Expert: What Google Analytics Benchmarking Means For Businesses

Google is one of the most famous and influential search engines. It has recently announced that all of the Analytics users will be able to access the industry benchmarking reports through their dashboard in coming months. These reports let the webmasters have an insight of their websites. Plus, they get an idea of what is trending these days and how to gain powerful traffic to their sites by performing well in the eyes of Google.

Andrew Dyhan, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, takes a look here on some compelling and handy tips in this regard.

It's true that the benchmarking reports are not yet available to all of the website owners. However, these are a good way to provide information about bounce rate, sessions, and quality of your articles. You can also know what type of broken links is present and how to improve them. Plus, the users get an idea of what devices their visitors use to check their websites. Google has also indicated the maps and heat locations through the benchmarking reports to provide its users with lots of opportunities to get improved.

It is important to enable benchmarking because that's the only way to access the data under the Audience section in your Analytics dashboard. Almost all big webmasters use the benchmarking reports, including Twiddy, which is a travel company. It identifies the opportunities for growth in the industry through the benchmarking reports. According to Twiddy CEO Ross Twiddy, they obtain the results with analytics and benchmarking reports to have an idea of what they should target and how many people are interested in their products and services.

Utilize Analytics Benchmarking for Your Business

Whether you are running a big business or a small-sized organization, you must utilize analytics benchmarking for your company. It helps businessmen focus on what is trending, what can work best for them and how to improve their businesses and get the desired results. It also ensures that we have accurate data. Plus, we can easily analyze and evaluate the bounce rate of our sites. Until now, Google Analytics has given us lots of insights about how well our sites are performing. However, analytics benchmarking is a way to determine how we can improve our sites and how to set realistic goals.

Prioritize improvement opportunities

How do you compare your site with the others in the industry? That is what you have to pay attention to. Using benchmark reports, you can quickly figure out what types of efforts your site needs for better outcomes. Thus, you would save a lot of time and can focus on the right things. When you have access to those reports, you can easily measure the performance of your site and can prioritize the improvement opportunities to a great extent.

Set realistic goals

It's safe to say that benchmark reports can help you set the realistic goals. That can provide you information about how to compare yourself better with your peers and how to defeat them in the industry. It is mandatory that your site's bounce rate does not exceed fifty percent. If it happens, then there are chances that you would lose most of your visitors and your ranking in Google might get affected.